Chalet No. 4

  1. Brief Introduction

This partly wooden chalet, with wooden floor tiles and bed frames, gives a simple and quaint look. And is widely preferred by locals and foreigners.

Daily rent

Day Price/Night
Rate for 1 chalet (6 person’s rate) RM400.00 net
– 2 Bedrooms
* The above price is the most update price of 2023

Capacity: 6 adults (up to 8 people, the other 2 will be charged RM50.00 per person, with mattresses and sheets)

Floor: Ground floor is the living room, dining room, kitchen, a toilet / shower room, a master bedroom, a 4-person bunk beds (double-deckers) room;

The car park is located right outside the chalet, making it convenient to move your luggage;

Beds: 1 double bed (ground floor, the master bedroom)
2 bunk beds (ground floor, 4 person’s room)

Facilities: Living room has satellite TV;

Kitchen provides cooking utensils such as rice cookers, electric kettle, refrigerator, gas stove, wok, knives, bowls & plates, forks & spoons, dish washing liquid;
Each shower room offers body soaps and water heaters (please bring your own towels and toothpaste, toothbrush, you can buy towel from our housekeeper if necessary);

In the case of tenants not more than 6 adults, you can pay RM50 for an extra bed.d.

Child Price: Children under 12 may stay for free if accompanied by a guardian, but not too many children please.

To prevent any unpleasant, please clarify all guests at the time of booking honestly regarding the number of adult and children.

(In the case we had not received any notification, and if the administrator considers that the number of children will interfere with other tenants’ peace and harmony, we reserve the right to refuse the entry of the group of customers and confiscated all the rent paid.)