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 At an altitude of 6,000ft on the Mesilau Plateau, not far from the Mesilau Resort and about 1km from the Kundasang Golf Club House, the highest golf course in South East Asia. There lie these marvellously built chalets called Philip Garden Chalets. Since it opened for business in late 2007, Philip Garden Chalets, with its well designed and homely chalets, has been well received by the general public. Philip Garden Chalets was originally a vegetable farmland, because of the stunning view that it offers, the owner has decided to put aside the upper part of the farmland and built four chalets for rent, what a great way to share this spectacular scenery of Mt. Kinabalu with the holidays goers.

Be prepared with warm clothing because when night falls the temperature here can plunge to 15 degrees celsius. Other than TV for entertainment, stars gazing is one of the best activities at night. The milky-way is unfolded before our very eyes on the night sky. Thoushand, million or trillion of stars are on display, one is going to be in awe with the beauty of the universe. One can also try to figure out the many constellation from the heavens. The stars are very much brighter here compared to those in the cities, as the air are thinner because of the high altitude, and the air here are not polluted. Another major factor is that there are not much artificial lights around because of less habitats at the plateau.

With Philip Garden Chalets close proximity to Mt. Kinabalu, especially the southern side, the view of Mt. Kinabalu from here is unmistakably one of the best from Kundasang. The Mt. Kinabalu view from Philip Garden Chalets is the side that is less well known to the world, as it is seldom shown in books and magazines. Early morning is the best time to take pictures of Mt. Kinabalu, before the white clouds rise up to cover the mountain. The southern side of Mt. Kinabalu, with its many jagged peaks, is the most prominent view from Philip Garden Chalets. From here one can also catch a clear view of the uneven wall face below the jagged peaks.